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Item Description

Brand New unused condition---------Item is new and unused,

Mint and Unissue-------Item is in superb condition with some little use or may be no wear or still in bag.

Excellent condition-------Item is in nice shape but may be show signs of its age because of storage or light use.

Used but very good condition-------Item is nice shape but little flight use or be shows signs of its adge

Used but good condition----Item is in nice shape but may show signs of excessive flight use or be noticably dirty from use.

Fair condition------Item is still in displayable condition but may be ripped, cracked, or have large stains.

Please note,
That all offered articles are pure collectors or display pieces and do not have any flying or other tests. Use is at your own risk !!

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Original HGU 55/P Fighter Helmet Size Medium With MBU 5/P Mask

This is a Original HGU 55/P Flight Helmet with MBU 5/P mask Size Regular Narrow,Mask is Date 1998 with mounted boom mic, helmet has a double visor dark and clear with MBU 20 Cut, no skratches ,helmet size is Large ,helmet include earphones spezial communications cord for boom mic and all avionics and plugs ,standart black chin and nape strap , helmet has a custom-fit Thermo Plastic Liner !!!(TPL ®) for increased comfort, includ Oregon earcup fitting pads ,helmet is in used but very good condition , helmet and mask with all avionics and plugs in very good condition,                   

EUR 749,-
Original HGU 26 /P Double Visor Flight Helmet Size Large with MBU /P Mask Size Regular Wide!!!

This is a original HGU 26/P Fighter Helmet with double Visor Housing PRU-36 dual clear/dark visor assembly ,helmet size is Large or X-Large , no Label,Date ???, with standard black chin strap and nape strap , the helmet comes with double bungee visor dark and clear in very good to exellent condition, complete with all avionics and plugs,helmet is include a black leather form fit Liner and military earphones in standard plastic earcups, include a original MBU 5/P Mask size Regular Wide with black hardshell in very good condition ,nice original helmet and mask for a good price, helmet and mask is normal flight used but in very good condition ,

EUR 499,-
Original SPH 5 Single Visor Helicopter Helmet Size XL

This is a original Gentex lightweight SPH-5® single-visor helicopter helmet includes a single dark lens, its standard color is white,The SPH-5 is widely used in Air Medical, Law Enforcement, and Commercial Aviation. It is the latest, and best, version of the SPH series of helicopter helmets that have been used by helicopter crews for over 50 years,this helmet is used but in very good condition,helmet is include a brand new clear visor , Zeta Liner , TPL Liner and a original helmet bag,helmet was used by German commercial aviation pilot,

EUR 430, -
Original USAF Sierra HGU 2 A / P Size Medium with MBU 5 Mask!!!

This is a original USAF Sierra HGU 2 A / P Helmet in size Medium ,Date 1963 ! helmet and mask is flight use but in very good original condition, include a original MBU 5/P mask size Short Narrow in very good to exellent condition, helmet and mask with all avionic and plugs,helmet is complete with chin and nap strap, black Fitting Pads and helmet has the unusual bracket mounted earcups ,a very nice helmet for display in used but very good to exellent condition, !!!!

EUR 680.-
Original German Air Force - Army Gentex P 4 B Fighter Helmet Size Large , Date 1963

This is a original Gentex P 4 B helmet date 1963, original helmet in very good condition,helmet came from an retired German Army /Airforce Pilot and was used in the 60's in many Aircraft and Fighters , helmet is normal used ,helmet with all plugs and avionic,include a boom mic M 33/AIC (not mounted ),original label are present , inner harness is new and size X-Large ,that's no problem, it fits perfectly,all in very good original condition ,also include a left and right new cushion earphone in original paper box

EUR 230.-

Original US - Air Force CWU 36/P Flight Jacket Size Large , US-Size 42-44 !!!!

Originally US pilot jackets from Creative Apperal Assoc.,100% Aramid,size Large ( US-size 42-44) German size 50 - 52 ,jacket is flight use but in very good condition with name tag and all patches on pictures,all patches with velcro , phantom patch is not mounted but include ,nice jacket for collection or use,


EUR 175.-