For more photos, please click image !

Original HGU 55/P Size Large with Gray MBU 12 Mask and Bungee Double Visor,all in Mint to New Condition !!!

This is a original Gentex HGU 55 / P Helmet in size Large , Kevlar shell ,with double bungee visor dark and clear , both with MBU 12 cut ,helmet is not flight use and in mint to new original condition, include a original Gentex gray MBU 12/P mask size Regular in new condition, unused,helmet and mask with all avionic and plugs,helmet is complete with integrated chin and nap strap, a black ZETA Liner and standart ear cups , a very nice helmet for display or use in unused , new condition , include gray leather visor cover and a new gray Skull Cap size Large, ( not on the Photos ), used in F 16 Fighters and other ,100 % original condition, very rare in this unused - new condition ,

EUR 999
Original Sierra HGU 2 A/P Double Visor Housing with Visors New in Box Old Stock

Original Sierra HGU 2 A/P Visor Housing with Visors clear and dark, size Large, original label inside,original manual,with all parts as shown in the pictures,new condition in original paper box ,old stock , No additional parts available,

Original SPH 3 double Visor Helicoper Flight Helmet with Parts, Size Regular,

this is a original Sound Protective Helmet-3 (SPH-3) used by ,SPH-4 had a shell made of fibreglass cloth layers bonded by epoxy,only clear visor is present, helmet is fitted with a sling suspension liner and had a nape strap ,this size regular helmet weighed 1.54 kg (3.4 lbs), 24 inch straight cord with U-174 plug and military communications consisting of 5 ohm earphones and M 87 AIC microphone is not present , helmet is in good , used condition , helmet visor cover is defected ,Head for display purpose only and not included in sale ,No additional parts available !!!!,

EUR 79.-
Original HGU 55/P Size Medium with Gray MBU 12 Mask Size Short ,

This is a original Gentex HGU 55 / P Helmet in size Medium , Kevlar shell ,with brand new single bungee visor highcontrast yellow, a dark visor is include , both with MBU 12 cut ,helmet is minimal flight use and in mint, exellent original condition, include a original Gentex gray MBU 12/P mask with green hose size Short in exellent condition ,helmet and mask with all avionic and plugs,helmet is complete with chin and nap strap, TPL Liner with the very rare leather TPL cover , include a ZETA Liner and standart earcups with Oregon soft leather pads,gray leather visor cover, a very nice helmet for display or use in very good condition , include a new gray Skull Cap size Large , used in F 16 Fighters and other ,100 % original condition, include a orginal green helmet bag,

EUR 899,-
Original SPH 5 Helicopter Helmet Size X - Large ,StandardWhite , Mint To New condition

This is a original SPH 5 lightweight and strong Kevlar shell is an upgrade from the fiberglass shell of the standard SPH-4 helmet. This helmet is equipped with the convenient dual visor assembly that houses both clear and dark visors, each with their own actuation knob, TPL liner and impact styrene, black nomex retention assembly , crushable earcups, wire boom assembly, 3-6 foot coiled cord with U-174 plug, and military communications earphones and microphone, helmet size is X-Large , Unit shows not flight use and have an overall mint to new finish, Interior is clean as well, not used, Complete with Clear & Dark visors , no scratches from use , TPL liner, crushable earcups, boom microphone M 87 / AIC, and military comms include a impedance converter MT 57 ( see Photos), a new original lip light no mounted and a Rescue sticker,100 % original helmet , this helmet is very rare and extrem hard to find in this exellent condition, This SPH-5 helmet comes without an ANVIS dual visor assembly ( civilian version ) , Standard color is white.

EUR 780,-

Original NVG Visor Housing with NVG Mount,Dark Visor and Tracks for IHADSS Helmets

Original Housing with special tracks for IHADSS Helmets with NVG Mount , this tracks are only used with the IHADSS helmet shell ( see photos ), tracks without srews for helmet mount , with all you can aee on the pictures, dark visor , visor knob,visor has some skratches from use ,housing and mount is used but in very good condition , very rare with this special tracks,


Original P 4/ B Flight Helmet size Large with MS 22001 Mask!!!

Original P 4/ B Flight Helmet size Large with original MS 22001 oxygen mask, helmet came from an retired German Airforce Pilot and was used in the 60's in Starfighter and other Fighters , all in good and original condition, visor has scratches from use!!! ,helmet with all plugs and avionic,labels are present , helmet is size Large , date 1959,mask is size small date 1956,this is a very nice original helmet in used but very good condition and a original mask in good condition ,

EUR 599,-
Original Gueneau 316 Helmet Shell from German Air Force Size GT

Original helmet shell from Gueneau 316 helmet used by German Air Force , shell is unused in mint condition ,size is GT ( X-Large), nice helmet shell in exellent-mint condition,

EUR 119
Original AN - H 15 Flight Helmet with R 14 Receivers

This is a original AN-H-15 helmet was introduced as the standard summer or light weight for the Army Air Force and Navy on April 23, 1943. It served as the replacement for the Type A-9 flying helmet. It was the first flying helmet designed under the joint Army/Navy procurement program,United States Army Air Force Type AN-H-15 Summer flying helmet; khaki cotton helmet; black rubber earphones with Signal Corps Electric Type R 14 Receiver; brown rubberized cotton insulated patch cord from each headphone with red plastic platch plug; chamois padding on the inside of the earphones; cow hide chin strap with chamois chin pad; Manufacturer's tag with embroidered gold lettering sewn in back inside of helmet (see photos for full text) , Early model of the AN-H-15 helmet with oxygen mask snaps placed directly on the helmet without leather reinforcements,helmet is in very good original condition,nice display helmet,

EUR 189,-
Original Bone Dome RAF MK 1 A Jet Pilot Fighter Helmet with M -Type Oxygen Mask

Original British RAF 1950's-1970's Bone Dome MK1A Jet Pilot's Helmet System, helmet shell size 3 , with Cloth Helmet Liner size 4 , wired for comms and oxygen mask with hose complete with black visor cover , Inner G-Type cloth helmet, M-Type oxygen mask. , the Mk.1A was issued in the early 1950`s and was the first RAF helmet with a fixed visor, the visor locked at various positions ,this visor is dark tinted,this Mk.1A is with originally issued silver colored shell, designed to be used with the G-Type Helmet and M or H-Type oxygen-mask,this mask is a RAF Type M Oxygen Mask,  I have been informed that this type of oxygen mask is quite scarce and was used by Canberra crew together with a pressure jerkin.  The mask is dated 1954 ,Helmet ,mask and cloth liner with all avionics and plugs,all in very good - exellent/mint condition ,

EUR 420
Original Navy HGU 34 Helicopter Flight Helmet size Large single Visor

Original Gentex HGU 34 Navy Helicopter Flight Helmet with PRK- 37/P Shell and EEK-4/P single visor housing with Navy decal , helmet has clear visor ,helmet size is Large ,helmet include earphones, communications cord and all avionics and plugs and David Clark boom mic, Helmets include a fitted leather edge roll, comfortable Oregon leather ear pads, and leather chin and nape strap pads, black fitting pads mounted on the white polyurethane energy absorbtion liner , liner and pads together are designated PRK-40/P ,outer helmet with reflective tape and decal on visor housing, helmet is in exellent-mint condition , unused,very nice display helmet for the collection,

EUR 460
Original German Air Force Sound /Noise Protection Helmet Size Large

Original latest German Air Force Sound Protection Helmet with DECT-System for JetCom ,this model offers the highest level of protection against potential noise exposure. it also provides a full range of communication capabilities even at extremely high decibel levels, the helmet also offers face and eye protection, it also allows for the integration of a protective mask,communication system is a digital tap-proof duplex -DECT JetCom system,consist of  digital radio communication system "DECT" for up to 8 mobile parties plus cockpit,digital noise reduction , for use in very noisy environments of more than 140 db(A),Helmets with built in bone-conduction microphone and speaker, This equipment is used in aircraft ground handling, take-off preparation and maintenance jet fighters (e.g. Eurofighter , Tornado and Helicopter),offer is only for the helmet and bag like in the pictures in size large, not for the digital radio , mask or other parts, including Helmet bag and instructions,currently available in sizes X-Large, Large and Medium, all helmets in very good condition with light use , some scratches from use on the visor , No additional accessories available, offer is only for the helmet with bag and manual, Goggles and Styrene Head are not include !!! Very nice helmet to complete your aviation collection,

EUR 260
Original THL 5 Helicopter Flight Helmet with Original Helmet Bag

this is a original Polish THL-5 Helicopter Flight Helmet used by East German NVA helicopter pilots, this helmet is a copy of the SPH 4 helmet from Gentex, this helmet was the standard helmet for all East German NVA helicopter crews in 1988/89 ,The Polish THL-5 helmet is green painted, this helmet is painted withe,helmet is minimal used but in exellent condition, helmet size is 2 = Regular ,helmet is original painted white color in exellent finish,helmet with all plugs and avionic and boom mic, single visor brown , the original green helmet bag and 2 fitting pads are include ,

EUR 299,-
Original Royal Air Force MK 10 B Jet Fighter Flight Helmt with P- Mask and Helmet Bag

This is a original Alpha Mk.10B Helmet with the Kevlar® helmet shell , shell is painted Powder Blue ,helmet size is medium Long !!!,Date 1992 ,double visor clear and dark ,the leather lining was substituted with impact attenuating foam linings and a padded neck protector. These helmets are fitted with the "LO-PRO" visor system that allows either visor to be operated and locked down independently, external "EARS" were fitted to eliminate the levers becoming obstructed. Avionics consist of twin 300ohm speakers giving an impedance of 150 ohm (1khz) terminating with a 18" downlead and single pin NATO jackplug, mounting blocks allow the fitting of hooks for the P or Q type oxygen mask,the mask size is unkwon , helmet and mask are in used but very good condition , 2 defectiveley or repair places are present (see markings on the photos ) ,a original used helmet bag is include , this is a very nice display helmet in very nice powder blue paint,

EUR 699,-

Original Gentex HGU 84 / P Helicopter Fighter Helmet size Medium with NVG Mount and Battery Pack

Original US - Navy HGU 84 Flight Helmet , this helmet has fully wired NVG mount,a brand new NVG Mount, a new condition battery pack for use with AA Mignon cells ,single visor dark with original leather visor cover,helmet in green color , no reflective taped shell , black standart earcups,boom mic M170/AIC 10345L Linear Microphone Assembly , allows for highly intelligible communication in the extremely boisterous conditions encountered in military/commercial aircraft.,Zeta Liner , not TPL liner ,helmet is not flight used and in exellent to new condition , only a small color scratches on back side from storage ( see photo ), the HGU 84 helmet provides superior protection and comfort in a lightweight, low profile design , the Helmet Assembly integrates the latest advances in technology to provide comfort, stability, retention, and protection,helmet is size Medium with all avionics and plugs,very nice helmet

EUR 699

Original Astrocom 10355-B military Headset with Boom Mic

This is a new new condition Astrocom 10355-B Headset with boom mic and micro Type (M-87/AIC), boom-mounted microphone. Developed specifically for military use, new condition ,unused,                                      

EUR 79,-
Original Gentex Miltary Headset

Original Gentex Headset with boom mic M 87 / AIC , used but exellent condition , exact designation unknown ,

EUR 79 ,-
Original WW2 US-Army - Air Force HB 7 Head Set

Original WW2 US Army - Air Force HB-7 Headset , R-14 Receivers , PL-54 Plug ,Very Good condition. Wear to leather , The HB-7 headband on this particular headset has been modified by bending the two metal plates
below the leather-covered bands inwards approximately 20 degrees. This modification was implemented in the
manufacturing process after WWII and constituted one of the distinguishing features betwen the HS-33 and the
HS-33A headsets , This headset is therefore either modified by its user or a later reconstruction using
early R-14 receivers on an HS-33A headband.

EUR 79
Original Dark Lens Visor U.S.A.F for P 4 Helmets unused

Original dark visor for P 4 flight helmets,visors are unused,not mounted ,very rare and hard to find ,

EUR 70
Original Gentex HGU 68/ P Size X - Large with MBU 12/P Mask Size Regular!!!

US Navy HGU-68/P TACAIR Flight Helmet: Current issue flight helmet to US Navy & Marine Corps pilots in aircraft like the F/A-18 Hornet and the F-14 Tomcat, this helmet is size-Large !!!!,no reflective tape no decals with reflective tape ,it features the lightweight and strong Kevlar shell and comes standard with the integrated chin & nape straps, the helmet is complete with dark visor and clear visor , black leather visor cover, light weight offset bayonet clips, military avionics in black leather earcups and TPL liner assembly,helmet and mask are in unused new condition , but not flight use , unused , include a new Gentex MBU 12/P mask size Regular ,nice set in exellent , unused condition, include new fitting pad, a new clear visor and a mint original helmet bag,

EUR 899,- SOLD
Original Russia GSh 6 A High Altitude Flight Helmet Brand NEW !!!

this GSh 6 A was used by the East German Air Force (NVA) in MIG 21 fighters,this helmet was introduced 1968 for the GSh 6 M,this helmet is unused and brand new from warehouse supplies , helmet is date 1985 !!! ,helmet is complete with neck ring,inner communications helmet with boom mic,wooden box blue,covers,manual and Cord substitute,all parts number like !!!!!,helmet shell is aluminium and heavily padded for protection,comfort and insulation,helmet is size 2 (Large),visor is electrically heated,oxygen enters helmet first around visor to prevent fogging,all in new,unused condition , with original blue wodden box with all manuals , helmet and box have the same numbers,very nice set in brand new original condition,

EUR 380,- SOLD
Original Gentex HGU 55 / P , Size Medium with MBU 5/P Mask Size Regular Narrow!!!

Gentex HGU 55 / P Helmet in size Medium , with bungee visors dark with MBU 12 cut , helmet is new painted and in very good used condition, include a original green Gentex MBU 5 / P mask size Regular Narrow in exellent condition ,complete with all avionic and plugs,helmet is complete with integreated chin & nape strap, standart earcups with pads Softseal, Kevlar shell , Oregon Zeta Liner !!!, leather visor cover with patch "36th Tactical Fighter Wing ",very nice helmet and mask , all in very good condition , a very nice display helmet for your collection , helmet was minimal used, only a display object in a collection , a green helmet bag is include ,                           

EUR 560 ,-SOLD
Original HGU 55 /P Fighter Flight Helmet Size X-Large with MBU 20 HA/LP Mask with WEA all in New Condition!!!

This is a original HGU 55/P Fighter Helmet ,helmet size is X-Large with Kevlar Shell ,Date 2010, with custom-fit Thermo Plastic Liner (TPL ®) for increased comfort, black chin strap and nape strap integrated, Dual bungee visor clear and dark , the helmet comes standard with both clear visor and neutral visors, complete with all avionic and plugs ,with additionel boom mic M 87 AIC not mounted and Cable for use boom microphone alternatively , helmet include all on the photos: a alpha helmet bag,a leather and a cloth TPL Liner, a Oregon Zeta Liner,original paper box,2 fighter joke black leather ear cushions (elephant ears), size Large skull cape new , a new MBU 20 HA/LP mask size Medium Wide with WEA ,the WEA device is mounted at the left-hand side bayonet,the WEA (Wasser Entriegelunsg Aktivierungseinheit) is a water activated opening device,this device contains a tablet that solves in water and that activates a spring to push the bayonet from the retainer,this is a beautiful nice helmet set for display or use , helmet is never used in new condition ,helmet was only short a display objekt in a collection,helmet and all is in never used,new condition, only minimal skratches on the back side from mounting the helmet,

EUR 1150,-SOLD
Original HGU -2A/P Size Large late Version with MBU 5 Mask

Original HGU -2A/P Helmet with MBU 5 Mask ,after the introduction of the HGU-22/P helmet shell the HGU-2A/P nomenclature was used to signify a helmet based on the HGU-22/P shell fitted with a single visor dark , this size large helmet is in very good and original condition, visor has minimal scratches from use!!! ,helmet with all plugs and avionic,labels are present , date 1970 ?????,MBU 5 Mask size Regular Narrow in exellent condition with CRU 60 Conector,this is a very nice original HGU helmet used by USAF in very good condition , very nice display helmet for the collection,include nice decals,

Original SPH 4 COBRA Helicopter Helmet Size Regular

This is a original Gentex SPH 4 COBRA Helicopter Helmet date 1987 Size Regular ,single visor dark ,with Boom Mic 87/AIC ,this SPH-4 helicopter flight helmet has a strong kevlar shell ,this SPH-4 COBRA European helicopter helmet fom Gentex as flown in Dutch and other military helicopters. Size Regular. Unit has TPL liner, all comms and plugs. Comes with dark visor, Spec tagged from Gentex in the 1987s, It is painted flat grey and has a black TPL and black earcup set and inner helmet. It uses a single visor with the knob on the left hand cover side. There are clear and tinted visors available but they need to be switched in the ALSE shop..... , a clear visor is not include , It also features a boommike and can be fitted with the Anvis goggles set. (type V2 with clip wich attaches to the visor cover.) ,helmet is with 24 inch straight cord with U-174 plug, and military communications consisting of 5 ohm earphones and M 87 AIC microphone,helmet and all is in minmal used but very good to exellent condition,interior is clean as well,helmet has back side a nice Cobra decal,

EUR 440
Original German Air Force HGU 55/G Size Large!!!Tornado Fighter Helmet with MBU 20 HA/LP Mask and WEA

This is a orignal HGU 55/G helmet size Large with MBU 290 HA/LP mask size small narrow with WEA ,the WEA device is mounted at the left-hand side bayonet,the WEA (Wasser Entriegelungs Aktivierungseinheit) is a water activated opening device,this device contains a tablet that solves in water and that activates a spring to push the bayonet from the retainer, all in very good condition, helmet has original gray leather edgeroll and original gray leather ear cushions (elephant ears) ,the liner is a TPL liner , helmet has black neck strap and a black chin strap (British model) quick disconnect type, normal lightweight recievers,complete with all avionic and plugs , communications cord is the standard CX-4708A/AIC cable but with a slightly different plug for GAF, helmet with dark and clear visor in very good to exellent condition,helmet and mask is normal flight use but in very good 100 % original condition ,this is a very nice original HGU55 / G, beautiful original helmet for display, include is a GAF helmet bag in exellent condition,

EUR 1039 ,- SOLD
Original APH 6 / D Flight Helmet Shell Size Large with Styrene Liner and Visor Housing!!

Original Fighter Pilot Helmet Shell APH 6 / D size Large , good condition ,this is a beautiful restauration Set or nice show helmet set for display ,helmet shell with styrene liner and visor housing with dark visor,  No other parts available,                                

EUR 120,- SOLD
Original Alpha 100 Helicopter Flight Helmet Dual Visor Size Medium with MBU 12 Mask Size Long!!!

Original Alpha 100 Dual Visor helmet with cloth Visor Cover, visor system  which allows to operate the dark and clear visor separatly  , visor clear and dark in exellent condition , minimal skratches , helmet shell blue / gray ,the shell is made from ??? , earcups with the original earphones inside, together with the orig. mask reciever, original scott green MBU 12 mask size long in exellent - mint condition ,helmet size is Medium ,interior is clean as well,nice original very rare helmet for your collection in very good to exellent condition,


Original HGU 7/P Flight Helmet Size Small Unused New in Original Box!!!

Original HGU 7/P Flight Helmet helmet in unused new condition in original paper box ,size is small ,inclusive all fitting pads,this helmet is standardized in 1959 as protective helmet to be used in transport, liaison, trainer and Forward air Controller's (FAC) aircraft.The sun visor could be removed and an oxygen mask could be fastened.

Original GAF Gueneau 316 Fighter Helmet with MBU 5 Mask with Decal "2. Staffel JaboG 43 Oldenburg Alpha Jet Luftwaffe "

Original German Air Force Gueneau 316 Jet Fighter Helmet with MBU 5Mask with T-Bajonetts ,date Mai 1972 ,dual visor clear and dark in exellent to mint condition,leather inliner and leather earcups, Helmet is flight use in very condition,the brown leather edgeroll is in exellent condition,original chin strape , helmet Size is = K = PT = Small ,include the original german MBU 5 oxygen mask with black hardshell and T-bajonetts in very good used condition size Short Narrow ,complete with all avionic and plugs original "German Luftwaffe" with Decal "JaBo G 43 , 2. wing "Vikings"" , absolut original helmet from German Air Force in very good to exellent condition used inFiat G 91 , Alpha Jet , F 104 G and other Fighters ,very rare and extrem hard to find in this condition ,very nice and absolut original set , these helmets were in this very rare originally white used in the Starfighter Aera ,there were problems with reflections in the cockpit , therefore all helmets were painted graily later,helmet set is include a original Gentex helmet bag ,

Original HGU 22/P Helmet Size Large with MS 22001 Mask , Visor Housing Custom Painted

This is a original HGU 22/P helmet size with PRU 36 visor housing, housing is custom painted air busch professionally painted with clear lacquer, all in exellente Finish,helmet shell and visor housing is always professional paint Brusch painted , helmet has a original black leather edge roll , black styren liner , TPL liner ,black cin and nape strape ,standart earcups ,all in exellent to new condition, MS 22001 mask has J-bajonetts and is also in exellent condition , size is medium ,helmet is not flight use and was only a display object in a collection,very nice display helmet in exellent,mint condition,


Original MSA Gallet F 1 S Fire Fighter Helmet fom Austria with original Decal

The European fire helmet with the widest choice of colours, options, and accessories. Face shields protect from glare and heat, eye screens complement the protection. Accessories: Neck curtains to choice, helmet lamps, radio communication, this helmet is new and unused, original helmet fom Austria Fire Fighters with original Decal,gold tinted visor and clear visor,accessories are not include,helmet is in original box,availably only in red , yellow and withe is not more availably,

This is a very rare original IHADSS single dark visor assemblies for the AH 64 Fighter Helmet,size X-Large,housing with dark visor,all is some flight use with scatches frome use, include are all the parts see on the photos,No additional parts available, all in good original condition,

EUR 140.- SOLD
Original US-Navy Flight Deck Crewmen Helmet , Size 7 1/2 Small /Medium

U.S.NAVY current issue Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck crewmans helmet size 7 1/2 small, this helmet is again original and features the One piece shell and is painted green ,it has reflective tape and a nice fighting 103 insignia to the rear ,the Wiring and earphones are present and are connected to a boom mic this features the RARE push to talk switch , the Goggles are current issue Flight Deck ESS original, very nice helmet , all in exellent original condition, inlude is the green nylon bag,

Original Air Force HGU 56 /P Helicopter Flight Helmet size X-Large ,Mint to New Condition !!!!

Original Gentex HGU 56 /P dual visor helmet size X-Large , original painted in Aircraft Green , double Visor clear and amber !!!!, this helmet is also standard in the US Army, Made of advanced graphite composite materials, this helmet can provide better protection to the pilot, the new ear cups are providing a better noise reduction to protect from hearing loss, this helmet also features a mounted CEP kit and Oregon Ear Pads and a AIM 87 Boom Mic with new Lip Light , on this helmet the AN/AVS-6(V)2 and ANVIS-9 can be used as well,helmet is not used and in exellent , mint to new condition,helmet include all avionic and plugs,very rare original helmet ,see labels,Caution with the size: Size XL is very large, large size is more of a X-Large and medium size is more of a large,very nice , original helmet in mint to new condition,original new CEP Kit with all parts is include,